Business Strategy Advisors


Small and Midsize Businesses

We are focused on small and midsize businesses. We are dedicated to helping you work through your strategic opportunities to develop custom solutions with YOU and for YOU.

Business Experience and Expertise

We bring broad business experience, expertise, and a history of success along with a pragmatic hands-on approach to helping you succeed.

Advising, Consulting and Coaching

We share over 10 years of advising, consulting and coaching business owners, CEOs, and total organizations. Count on Greensleeves to help find your way forward.

Why Should You Use Us

  • Goal Setting

    Our experienced team will help you set appropriate goals for attainable business success.

  • Business Experience and Expertise

    As a team of talented executives, we will offer experience and expertise to all areas of your business.

  • Personal Growth

    The Greensleeves Team will encourage you to achieve personal growth and life balance.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Our goal is to know your industry and then show you how to achieve a competitive advantage.

  • Be a Visionary

    We want you to be a visionary, a driving force and the team leader of your business. Our proven systems will work on your success and the resultant business success that naturally follows.

Allen B. Ward

President Ward Edwards, Inc.

" Taking our company to the next level required us to think out side the box and to seek  additional support.   In hiring Greensleeves BSA to guide our company through the challenges, we have found a knowledgeable team that brings their long and varied experiences to our table".

Ned Curtis


"One of my clients recommended the services of Greensleeves  Business Strategy Advisors to my CPA firm for use with other clients. While I am reserved regarding a relationship with anyone desiring access to my client base, I quickly recognized the value that Greensleeves could bring to some of my key clients and have since developed an alliance to utilize their skills and experiences"

Dr. Matthew J. Allen, DDS

Godley Station Dental

" My local business mentor is John Chiaro , Greensleeves BSA".